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Thermotec parts dedicated to the cooling and air conditioning systems

The cooling system directly impacts the operation of the vehicle.
The air conditioning system, in turn, provides comfort and driving safety. At Thermotec, we perfectly understand these interdependencies. Therefore, we have decided to approach them comprehensively.

Thermotec parts for cooling and air-conditioning systems

At Thermotec, we specialize in manufacturing parts for air conditioning and cooling systems of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. We offer a complete set of components necessary for their repairs and enjoy a very good reputation on the market.

Thermotec also offers parts for the air conditioning system

Thermotec cooling radiator

Thermotec’s flagship products are our cooling system parts. Our offer also includes other vital parts, such as:

  • engine radiators,
  • heaters,
  • water pumps
  • thermostats.

But it extends far beyond the main systems, whose efficiency, and for that matter, possibility of replacement, depends on the quality of their components. Therefore, our engineers made sure to include a wide range of those in our offer, including:

  • radiator fans,
  • viscous fan clutches,
  • hoses
  • coolant expansion tanks.

These products play an important role in Thermotec’s offer as without them it is impossible to effectively repair the engine’s cooling system.

Thermotec coolant G11

The Thermotec coolant is a must.

The car’s cooling system must be airtight and patent at the same time. It should also be filled with a high-quality coolant featuring appropriate thermal efficiency. Thermotec offers specialist coolants. We sell coolants ready to be poured into the system, as well as a coolant concentrate, which has exactly the same parameters as the ready-made coolant, except that it needs to be diluted in water in the right proportion.

Thermotec’s car air-conditioning system parts

Thermotec has a comprehensive offer of spare parts for AC systems. You will also find Thermotec’s logo on other products, including:

  • AC compressors,
  • dehumidifiers,
  • condensers,
  • evaporators,
  • blowers,
  • resistors,
  • temperature sensors,
  • expansion valves,
  • sealants.
Thermotec air-conditioning parts
Thermotec offers high-quality parts at reasonable prices
high quality of Thermotec parts

Thermotec offers a wide range of high-quality parts intended for the most popular car models in Europe. Thermotec’s parts meet the most stringent requirements and are therefore considered by many mechanics to be on a par with the OEM parts. They are also priced attractively and are often as much as 30 percent cheaper than the original parts.

THERMOTEC products are available in many European countries. Select the one you are interested in to go to the website of the exclusive distributor in a given country:

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Czech Republic
Great Britain
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