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The coolant pump needs to be replaced regularly

The coolant pump requires regular replacement as it operates in a difficult environment and gradually wears out. The pump is exposed to high loads, huge temperature fluctuations, and a strong chemical – the coolant. Car manufacturers recommend that the water pump be replaced at most every second timing belt change. Failure to do that may cause the pump to start leaking or breaking down altogether, which is extremely dangerous for the engine.

The most common coolant pump failures result from excessive tension or misalignment of the V-belt, excessive wear of the tension and retraction shafts, impeller failure, contamination of the output channel, or worn seals.

Thermotec coolant pumps. Quality matching the OEM parts

At Thermotec, we fully understand the crucial importance of the water pump in the engine cooling system. That’s why we do our best to ensure that our parts meet the highest European standards. To this end, we implement a quality testing system at our plants, based on the innovative QDA software and certification in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. We also place great emphasis on the way we design our components. We make sure that our parts are faithful to the original ones, which facilitates their installation in the vehicle and guarantees durability at the level of the OEM parts.

Thermotec offers a wide range of coolant pumps. We offer a comprehensive range of components suitable for Europe’s most popular passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. The Thermotec replacement parts are available practically off-the-shelf at major automotive stores.

THERMOTEC products are available in many European countries. Select the one you are interested in to go to the website of the exclusive distributor in a given country:

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