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A broken thermostat is a serious problem

A faulty thermostat is a serious problem as it may cause major engine issues. If it becomes blocked while switched into the small circuit, it may cause engine overheating. A sudden temperature increase may cause the head gasket to burst, resulting in an expensive engine repair. If the thermostat is blocked while switched into the big circuit, the engine will be underheated, which will result in increased average fuel consumption and underheated cabin in winter.

How to recognize a thermostat failure? In most cases, it is enough to control the engine temperature gauge. You should be alarmed when the gauge indication exceeds the optimal value or does not achieve it even during a longer trip.

Many drivers don’t check the thermostat indication until the device fails, which is a big mistake, especially when you’re far away from home. Car manufacturers make it very clear – the thermostat should be replaced preemptively every 2 years or every 50,000 km.

Thermotec thermostats are a result of many years of experience

Their quality is best illustrated by their performance. Our sensors mounted on the valves have a short response time. They have the so-called steep performance curve. In short, thermostats reach a maximum in a relatively short period of time and thus respond quickly to changing engine operating conditions. The high parameters of our spare parts are the result of many years of trial and experience. But most importantly, they are produced using top-quality waxes and additives.

THERMOTEC products are available in many European countries. Select the one you are interested in to go to the website of the exclusive distributor in a given country:

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