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Thermotec is a combination of quality and reasonable prices

Thermotec offers a wide range of spare parts intended for repairing cooling and air conditioning systems. Our products enjoy a great reputation on the European market and high recognition among drivers and mechanics. We owe this primarily to offering our high-quality components at affordable prices. The balance between these two determines Thermotec’s market strength.

Thermotec assortment

One of the main advantages of Thermotec’s parts is that they always make a perfect match.

Mechanics say for good reason that components with the Thermotec logo meet the same rigorous standards as the OEM parts. This is due to the engineering and manufacturing standards we have developed, but also to the fact that we constantly control the quality of our products and their manufacturing process. The quality of the components is verified through meticulous laboratory testing, which focuses not only on material technology but primarily on making sure that our parts perfectly fit the vehicles they are intended for.


The fact that Thermotec’s parts perfectly fit in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks, makes them ideal for repairing their cooling or air conditioning systems. The high quality of the materials they are made from makes them ideal for intensive use and ensures their high thermal performance.

Thermotec parts meet the most stringent quality requirements

We are a responsible distributor of components intended for cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. That’s why we have a database of detailed technical descriptions of our products and make them available to customers as needed. Obtaining such precise parameters greatly facilitates the process of selecting the right parts and eliminates the possibility of confusion when matching a given component to a specific vehicle.


The quality of Thermotec’s spare is equivalent to that of the premium segment products. In addition, we sell them at reasonable prices, up to 30 percent lower than those of the OEM parts.

Thermotec termostat

One of the biggest advantages of Thermotec’s products is their wide range and availability

When creating the Thermotec product range, we wanted a product range that would cover the list of the most popular models of passenger cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles available in Europe. We have undoubtedly succeeded at that. We currently sell several thousand products, and the list is being gradually expanded. The popularity of our spare parts also results from their availability. In most cases, they can be shipped to our customers immediately.

Production, certification, and durability of the Thermotec parts

The word that best describes Thermotec’s product range is quality. We test our products at a laboratory in conformity with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. We then focus on ensuring the quality of our production standards. First of all, we focus on technology in our plants and ensure that our products meet Polish and foreign standards. In addition, we use a quality control system based on the innovative QDA software.


The result of these measures is the high durability of our components. Their lifespan is comparable to that of the OEM parts. You will easily find on the Internet opinions of drivers and mechanics praising our condensers or AC compressors for their high quality and a low complaint rate, much lower than the market average. Interestingly, it is also much lower compared to the complaint rate for parts produced by global aftermarket giants.

Thermotec assortment

THERMOTEC products are available in many European countries. Select the one you are interested in to go to the website of the exclusive distributor in a given country:

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